Priests & Politicians - A Silent Conspiracy

Priests & Politicians - A Silent Conspiracy


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Priests and Politicians - Mafia of the Soul
Chapter 1. Priests & Politicians - A Silent Conspiracy

'Forget the war in Iraq' - Bush
'Forget the child abuse by priests' - Pope
"The Pope blessed Adolf Hitler.
Now, this is what I call subtle politics.
Blessing Adolf Hitler is simply getting into a contract, getting into a conspiracy."

All your so-called spiritual people are in deep conspiracy with the politicians. There has always been a conspiracy between the priest and the politician, a subtle strategy to dominate people.
Your so-called spiritual persons don't say anything against the establishment. That does not mean that they are not political - in fact they are for the establishment; they are political. They never say anything against it - their silence is their support.
In India, we have a saying: Maunam Sammati Lakshanam - to be silent is a sign of agreement, not to say anything is to agree.
Karl Marx is perfectly right as far as these so-called spiritual persons are concerned, that religion has functioned as an opium for the people. Your so-called religious people have been teaching others to submit to the establishment, to obey the establishment, to never go against the established order whatever it is.
I am not a religious person, a spiritual person, in that sense. I am a rebel. You cannot categorise me with anybody else. And, to me, life is an organic unity; it cannot be divided, it cannot be split. I will comment on poetry, and I will comment on politics too, because life consists of all these dimensions.

My whole teaching is: Rejoice - never renounce. Rejoice in the totality of life, the wholeness of it. Rejoice, and rejoice again.
I am not a religious person, a spiritual person, in that sense. I am a rebel - Osho

I am not a politician, true. But when I see something going wrong, I have to make people aware of it. I have every right to speak on poetry, although I am not a poet; I have every right to speak on music, though I am not a musician. But I can show my likes and my dislikes, I can indicate where things are going.
I am simply a light. And if the light is there in the room, it lights everything that is there - the furniture, the painting on the wall, the ceiling, and everything. I am just a light, a mirror: I will reflect everything that is happening.
So please forget that old division. It has really been a compromise; down the ages, the politician and the priest have bargained. This has been the bargain, that the politician will not interfere with the priest; he will pay his respects to the priest, to the church. And the priest should not interfere with the politician; he should pay his respects to the state, and help people to be obedient to the state.
I am in no conspiracy, in no contract, with anybody. I will say things as I see them, and I don't care whether you think me spiritual or not. Who cares? I know perfectly well that thousands of Indians will be puzzled, because they think a spiritual person should not talk about politics. They really don't understand.
Do you think Krishna did not talk about politics? He not only talked about politics - he participated. In fact, Arjuna was trying to escape from the war. It was Krishna who persuaded him, convinced him, that it was a war which had to be fought. Because when it is a question of evil and good forces, you have to be with the good forces.
And you have to be with the future, because the past is gone and gone for ever. Forget all about it.
Create the future, forget that which has been. Don't waste your time with it: create the future.
And the future has much thrill in it; a great adventure is awaiting you. And this country keeps looking backwards. This country never looks forwards. Its golden age has passed; it was once, thousands of years ago. If your golden age is in the past, then life is going to remain a drag, because you will be falling and falling farther and farther away from the golden age.
This is not a right vision of things. The golden age has to be in the future; it always has to be created. Your eyes should look towards the future. And when you look towards the future, your present becomes meaningful, because then there is a possibility of great adventure, exploration. Then the thrill of creativity grips you, and the soul is created through it.
I am not a spiritual person in the ordinary sense; I am a class unto myself. You cannot categorise and label me with others; I represent nobody else but myself. What you call me - spiritual, religious, or anything else that you want - does not matter. These labels are useless.
I will go on destroying your labels. I will keep trespassing over your labels and your boundaries. That's what I have always been doing: you try to define me, and I destroy your definition, because any and every definition is a bondage. And I am not here to fulfil anybody's expectations.
And to me, to divide life is to create a schizophrenic world. Politics and poetry and religion and music and painting - are all together. These are all dimensions of the same life. I accept life in its totality. Remember, life is an organic whole, it cannot be divided; if you divide it, you destroy it.
I believe in totality, I believe in wholeness. To me, to be whole is to be holy, and there is no other kind of holiness. To me, the totality of life is God. Worship it in every possible way.
I am not a politician; that is not my choice. I have far better things to do. I am not interested in political power, because to me, power is never there outside. Power is something inside you, power is your inner reality. And to be powerful over others is ugly, violent. Be a master of your own self. That is true power. And a power that never destroys is intrinsically creative, and a power out of which great poetry arises.
Politics is the concern with the outside, politics is the concern to change the circumstances. There is a higher world than politics; that higher world is of spirituality. It is a concern not with the circumstances, ces automatically but with the inner space.
Change the inner space of man, and you will be changing his circumstances automatically. But still, people who are trying to change the outer circumstances are doing something; it has its own importance. This is not my interest.
I would not like to go into active politics, never. I am finished with all toys, I am not childish. That does not mean that I cannot comment on toys. I am not a small child to play with toys, but if a child is playing with toys I can comment. I can say, "Better toys are possible." I can say, "This toy is dangerous, don't play with it. This toy can harm you; don't play with it - throw it away."
This much I can say. So I don't become a politician just because I have commented on politics. And I will go on commenting, because I cannot just be a spectator when millions of people's lives are going slowly slowly into darkness, into poverty. I cannot just be a spectator. I always wonder - your so-called spiritual persons who are just spectators, what kind of spirituality do they have? What kind of compassion do they have? They are cunning people; they have made secret deals with the politicians. They keep quiet, and they always keep people in such a state that they never in such a state that they never become rebellious, that they never become revolutionaries.
The politicians are always afraid of the rebels. And my sannyasins are going to be rebels, total rebels, against all kinds of nonsense and stupidity, against all kinds of bondages.
My sole concern is religion, my major concern is religion. But I will comment on other things too, because I take life in its totality. I love life. To me, life means God. But let me remind you again that I am not a politician, and I don't want you to become politicians. I would like you to be aware of the whole life as it is. And a part of it is concerned with politics; you have to be aware of that too.
The Pope blessed Adolf Hitler.
Now, this is what I call subtle politics. Blessing Adolf Hitler is simply getting into a contract, getting into a conspiracy. All politicians are evil. Then what should be done? Choose the lesser evil.
I am not going to the masses to tell them to vote for this or that; I am not going into any activity. I have far better things to do: my energy has to remain involved with my sannyasins. I am here to create millions of mystics in sin the world.
That's my sole purpose, and that's my joy and my celebration. On the margin I am going to comment on many things, but those are all just marginal things. And I am a spiritual person, not in the sense that I am against the world; I am a spiritual person because I rejoice in the world. The world is the manifestation of God.
My whole teaching is: Rejoice - never renounce. Rejoice in the totality of life, the wholeness of it. Rejoice, and rejoice again.
It is natural; people have always thought that spiritual persons have to remain far away from worldly affairs. To me, there is no affair which is worldly; all affairs are the same, all affairs belong to the one centre. The ordinary life is also theextraordinary life. It is only a question of seeing, right seeing; then even pebbles on the street are transformed into diamonds.
I love life in its totality, as it is. Politics is also part of it. It is not my concern - but because it is part of life, I am going to comment on it.

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